Amazing Italian coffee at home

Drinking coffee in Italy is definitely something interesting to experience. The first time that I was standing in a bar, I found out there were many many more types of coffee then just a cappuccino. Where I’m from, drinking a cappuccino is already something more ‘special’ then just a black coffee, and it’s accepted to drink it at every time of the day.

In every tourist book you read, they will tell you that asking for a cappuccino in Italy after 11AM is kind of a no-go. Of course I thought this was a little extreme, and I asked for one in the afternoon anyway. Right after asking, my boyfriend gave me a look that said ‘are you sure, a cappuccino now?’, following with ‘Oh yeah I forgot you drink cappuccino’s at every moment of the day..’. Sometimes when they’re talking about stereotypes, it is true.


But, in the end, I really enjoy drinking coffee here and the ritual around it. I always think it’s a treat when I can sip my cappuccino (standing) with a brioche alla marmellata in the morning, in the afternoon a caffè macchiato, and in the evening after dinner an espresso.

I started to enjoy making (good) coffee by myself at home. There’s no better scent in the morning then fresh coffee. We make our coffee in a Moka. It’s a stove top coffee maker that produces coffee by passing boiling water pressurised by steam through ground coffee. It honestly tastes like nothing else. The great thing about it, is that with every coffee you make, the taste will only get better. Sometimes when I get a coffee made by somebody in my boyfriends family that already uses the same Moka for 20 years, I can only think of ways on how to smuggle it back home with me.



To get that perfect foam, i use a french press. I boil the milk first before putting it inside. Then with a few presses, you have fluffy foam perfection.


Sometimes I like to spice up a simple cappuccino with some cinnamon, cacao powder or a syrup. In a previous post I made Homemade lavender syrup. I used it in my cappuccino and it’s so delicious!

What you need:

  • 1 cup of coffee
  • almond milk
  • lavender syrup
  • cinnamon

How to make it:

  1. Warm the almond milk up, and use the french press or any other method you like until it turned into foam.
  2. Fill the cup with the foam, and pour in the coffee and a spoon of lavender syrup.
  3. Top it off with some cinnamon/cacao powder/nutmeg if you like.
  4. Enjoy!



Schermafbeelding 2016-11-09 om 13.12.02.png
Bialetti Moka
French press

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