Clarins treatment fragrance review

My love for these products started when I received a tester that came with another product that I purchased. It was the tester of the Eau Ressourçante, and I was immediately crazy about the smell. I used the tester for quite a while until the fragrance was finally finished, and went straight looking for the original fragrance. I was surprised when I found out that they weren’t placed with all the other perfumes, but with the beauty products. I was told that it wasn’t just a perfume, it’s a treatment fragrance.

These fragrances combine essential oils and plant extracts following the principles of aromatherapy and phytotherapy (It’s regarded by some as alternative medicine). Using it, will make you feel relaxed and renewed.


When I went to the perfume store and found the original fragrance, I tested the sample, and I was a little shocked. It had a awful scent.. Disappointed I left the store again, because I didn’t want to risk buying something that in the end also smelled the same as the  horrible sample in the store.

Thankfully, a little after this happened I went on a family holiday to Madeira. There in the duty free shop at the airport I found a Clarins counter. They also sold the fragrances. I tried again and they smelled as heavenly as my tester did. I found an exclusive travel Treatment Fragrance Collection box, with all three fragrances inside. Bingo!


Eau Ressourçante is about serenity, freshness and replenish. They used the plant extracts of basil, iris, cedar and benzoin. This fragrance together with the Eau des Jardins are my absolute favorites. They have such a rich scent and it lingers on your skin for a good amount of time.


Eau des Jardins uplifts, refreshes and captivates. They used the plant extracts from grapefruit, lemon, bergamot and orange. It’s the perfect smell for summer because it’s so fresh and a little sweet too.


Eau Dynamisante gives you vitality, freshness and firmness. The plant extracts from ginseng, aloe vera, horsetail and eleurthero ginseng are inside. This one has quite a particular smell. It’s a little more strong and it can be used by both men and women. I like to use this one when I just get out of a hot bath or shower on a colder day. I think it’s perfect for the winter.



    1. Have to admit that this was the first thing I tried from Clarins, but if everything is as good as this.. Good tip for the primer, I need a new one. Im gonna check it out ! 🙂


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