The little red bag that makes winter better

The season is here where you can layer your clothes, and layer some more. It’s the most comfy and cosy season of all, but for some of us.. also a little dark. And with dark I mean the color of my wardrobe. I’m all year around pro-black, but during winter time I just have no self control when it comes to buying yet another black dress or shirt. As a result, I do miss some color here and there while Im getting dressed. A great solution I found for this, is when I saw this beautiful red bag. I got this one for my birthday, and it’s the perfect accessory. It brings my black outfits really to life, and adds something extra.


It’s the perfect size bag for me. The bag is big enough to hold all of the things inside that I need, and it’s small enough not to make a real mess inside. You know the struggle to keep a bigger bag clean and organized inside.. The thing I also really love is the snake print. It’s a little bit more special because it’s in red. Together with the gold details it looks timeless and chic.

(Shop the bag: here)



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