Pressed flowers display

Every summer you can be sure I come home with a couple of pretty flowers, or some leafs I found while I was walking around. Especially on holiday I’m always looking to find a new addition to my little collection of dried flowers.

During the summer holidays, I just love to walk around in a sunny, flower filled environment where everything is so full with life and colour. That really gives me a holiday feeling.

schermafbeelding-2017-01-12-om-12-57-53OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Another thing I love to collect, are picture albums of the places I visited. These I use to dry my flowers in, or put the holiday pictures in. Nowadays when you take a trip, you take pictures with your phone, after a while they move to the computer, and from there nobody ever looks at it anymore. Im a little old fashioned maybe, but I love to just flick trough the albums from time to time, and just remember the good days. I have the same when I look back at the dried flowers.

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with them all. I thought it was a pity for them to just stay in a book and not be on display. I found some pictures on internet where they put plants in a double sided frame, and i thought that would also be perfect for my dried flowers. Here you can see the result.. Can’t wait for summer so I can collect more!




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