Zara Home haul

Every time i went shopping this month, it became very clear that I have a new obsession with pink. I couldn’t walk away from that cute silky pink dress, the peachy pink shirt and that beautiful dusty pink breakfast plate.. (yes also the pink Himalaya salt found a place inside my kitchen cupboard)

I went on a little get away to Spain last weekend, and had a walk on the beach. I felt happy as a kid when I found out there were so many shells, and ended up taking a whole bag full of them home with me. Taking a look back inside the bag, I even managed to pick only pink ones. Some were broken, but I couldn’t care less.. I needed those pretty colors with me!


I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do with them when I came home, but that changed when I went into Zara Home. I found this beautiful mother of pearl bowl in the shape of a shell. Perfect for putting actual shells in, or jewelry.

Find similar bowl here

I walked around some more, and to be honest had to restrain myself from not throwing everything in my basket. My ceramic plate- bowl and cute glass addiction is real. In the end I found three lovely breakfast plates, a pink jar and the cutest salt shaker (ever..)


Buy here
Buy here

Walking home with these pretty pink plates, i could already see myself enjoying breakfast in the morning sun. Some fresh strawberries and a nice green juice…Yes..! A thing that also made me happy, was that everything i took was in sale. You can definitely find some really nice things, for a nice price, so check it out!



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