Diary of a model |1

As I wrote in a post before, there are some misconceptions people have about models and what they exactly do (and most of all, don’t do). What better way there is to show you, what I get up to in a week of being a fulltime model.

Monday: I had a job for a well known hair company for their new autumn winter collection. With collection, I mean the new hairstyles they think of each season. It was a very fast job from 09:00 to 13:00 with 10-12 other models. I arrived there and immediately went into make up, the fitting and the hairdresser worked his magic on me. Not knowing I speak Italian he was complaining a little that he could not cut away half of my hair. The agency always talks with the client before a job, to discuss what is possible and what is not. Thank you agency! The part that he wanted to cut away was clipped up with a bobby pin, and all was well again. Creative thinking. We were shooting in a very empty and big space, and the looks were almost space- like. Very cool. After the shoot I had to do a video part too, which I always really like. I had to turn, spin, walk and dance, fast, slow, standing. In total I had two looks, and left the building at exactly 13:00. Miracle!

The location
Look number 1

Tuesday: I got a call from the agency if I could pass by in the afternoon, before the casting that I had planned. This always feels the same as when somebody tells you “we need to talk”. Arriving there, it was measurement time. Nothing really shocking, although I was a cm or so more then usual, and was told if I could be in the right shape for my big callback next week. Ladies.. you know what happens to your body during that week in the month? Good. Well okay, I thought, some extra yoga and healthy muffins never hurt nobody. The casting I had after the visit to the agency, was filled with male and female models. I was standing in the line, waiting for +-35 min. Not bad at all. Arriving in front of the client, another hairdresser, he told his colleague that maybe with the right make up, maybe I could work. I smiled and said “have a nice day”.

Wednesday: This day I had two castings, one for a shoe brand and another one for a hair job. The casting for the shoe brand was normal, nothing shocking to report. Going to the other casting, I was standing in line for about one hour, surrounded by promotors. For somebody that has never done a casting, promoters are kind of a funny thing to explain. Let’s just say that they are men, dressed in a lot of fashionably ripped clothes, looking for the next potential girl that want’s to come and go out with them. For free.. Yay! Nay! Finished observing the few girls that were excited to accept their invitation, it was time for me to give my portfolio to the clients (they were sitting together in 10). Recently I decided to try and grow my hair a little bit, because I’m already rocking the same look for about 7 years. Change is GOOD! Right?! The comment of the client was the following: “Wow, you looked SO MUCH better before…….”!!! “Why would you choose to be more ugly?”. Well.. isn’t that a good question?


Thursday: Another casting (for a big brand), which would start at 14:30. Wanting to be on time I left the house one hour before. Arriving there, I was already girl number 50. Again, not too bad. After one hour of waiting for the casting to begin, I got a call from the agency saying they would start just even a little bit later than that. 40 minutes of awkwardly standing behind a Brazilian couple that were showing they were very much in love , the doors opened and the casting could finally begin! Fashionably late. The time came that I could get in the actual room of the casting, and I saw the client was patiently looking at the girls while they were standing before her getting measured. A few times they laughed at the measurements of some girls saying “No way, measure again”, and “Nope I confirm the hips are really 92cm”, I had to laugh a little too. When it was my turn, I was the lucky one that got asked what my age was. After I mumbled 24, I could leave the room again. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that.

Friday: And, this is today. I had a casting for a jewelry brand this morning, where they were very fast and very friendly. We had a little conversation and they said thank you. And, that’s how it goes. There will be people that try to make you feel bad about yourself and some that just say dumb things, but the ones that are nice and thoughtful, they will make your week OK. That’s something I try to think about too when I’m running around in the city. Being nice doesn’t cost you anything, but maybe you will make someones week a little bit better too.

Don’t take life too seriously, and especially whatever the fashion world tells you. Keep laughing and You know best. Exciting what’s going to happen next week! See you, x


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