Diary of a model |2

I decided that after a few days of work, enough things happened for a part 2 of my little diary series. Check the first one out here.

Friday: Every evening around 19:00 I get an email with the schedule for the following working day. In the email was written that I had booked a job on Monday 12, and Tuesday 13 June for a hair salon. There was also written that they had already spoken with the hair stylist. They agreed on letting me choose what to do with my hair, and that they would maybe have to cut 1-2 cm only. The same was discussed at the casting that I had for them almost 1 month ago, so I agreed too. There was also a little P.S in the email where was written I should have perfectly shaven legs, arms, armpits and… upper lip. Ok.

Monday: At 09:00 after an 1,5 hour car ride being stuck in traffic I arrived at the location, a beautiful studio in the center of Milan. Introductions where made, and I found out the stylist of the day was somebody I already knew (and liked more importantly) yeey! I sat down on one of the chairs in the studio and waited. In the morning I already sent a text message to my mom in the morning saying I was waiting to “fight” about my hair. I did a lot of hair jobs, and arguing about your hair is a very common thing.

A very friendly hairstylist from Napels came up to me, and asked me what I wanted to do with my hair. He asked if I would like to go very short in the back, and I said NO! I explained I was trying to make them grow longer a bit, and he immediately said “not a problem, if we could cut your fringe a little bit shorter that would be enough too”. I was a bit shocked. This was going to be a good day! I let them cut my fringe shorter and style my hair for the first look. In the mean time I texted my mom again saying this job was going great, without any problems!

On this first day, we would only do video and backstage shooting. That means there is going to be a little campaign video where they show how the stylist cut hair, how they style the models and generally share the new line of products. My first look was very cool, and a bit crazy!


I always like to do video shooting, so it was quite fast and easy. I had to stand in front of a big window and just look and walk around a bit, turn my head in different ways and sit down and get back up. After I finished they washed my hair again and dried it back to my original no- curl state.

An hour after that things started to change, I received a message from my booker saying that the production company had called her to say it was a problem I didn’t want to cut my hair. I answered back that I thought that was a bit strange, since we already did one look and that the hairstylist seemed happy about it. I was not expecting any problems, since nobody had said anything to me, at all.

Still nobody said or asked me anything, and I all of a sudden heard the woman sitting next to me call the agency again. I could hear the conversation they where having and she kept saying that they needed to cut my hair. She ended the call, and I immediately got a message from my booker saying it was fine, and they would fix everything. After the call, still nobody came to me to talk or ask me what I wanted to do with my hair. It made me feel a bit like a stupid person.. Why couldn’t they discuss any problems with me? Didn’t I have a voice in what should happen to…. me?


Eventually a different hairstylist came to me whilst I was sitting on the make up chair, holding old pictures of me. He finally asked, do you wan’t to go back to this cut? (sharp, short mushroom cut). I said “No sir, I am growing my hair and we agreed with the agency the you would only cut 1-2 cm.

A few other people from the production team surrounded me at this point and started asking “What is the problem”? Well.. again I answered that there was an agreement with the agency and that I didn’t want to cut my hair really short again. Their answer was that if I wanted, they could show me the contract with the agency where was actually written that they could cut my hair short. I just had a conversation with my booker where she again said only 1-2 cm. Who to believe?

Staying calm and collected at a moment where everybody is surrounding you trying to make you do something you don’t want to do is not easy. Until not too long ago, I was too afraid to speak up and to even just say No sometimes. Even if it was something I didn’t want, about my own look. I learned after a long time that people always try to make you do something that is the easiest for them. Only a very few will actually think or care about your opinions and thoughts in this world.

Trying to think of a solution, I opted to them if they couldn’t just style it in a different way. No no… absolutely not possible. The photographer loudly said: “IF WE CAN’T USE HER, SEND HER HOME NOW. WE TAKE ANOTHER GIRL.. THIS IS ANNOYING ME”. At that moment, the friendly hairdresser came back and said there was no problem at all with me, and that they would not cut my hair really short again but would just style a bob, without cutting anything. He called it a fake cut. I looked at him very grateful and he walked away while everybody was asking me if that would be okay. Perfect…. My conclusion was that in a moment of need, everybody could use a person from Napels!


Here you can see the “fake cut” (My hair is in the back!)

After they styled it like this, they did a little fake cut on video, where they just straightened and trimmed the hair on the side. I did the shooting, and luckily everybody seemed happy about it. I still wasn’t too sure if I could work with them again the following day after what had happened and what the photographer had said. I finished at 18:00 when I got the mail from the agency saying I was still working the next day. My hair went up in a ponytail and I didn’t really look into the mirror until very late in the evening. Wrong!

Tuesday: In the evening I found out that this trimming of my hair, for the “fake cut” had totally messed up everything. They had just cut a bob on top of my actual hairstyle, so that I ended up with a completely distorted looking cut. I immediately send a message to my booker, saying that now I had no other option then to actually cut my hair the way they wanted.


Arriving at the studio again, I immediately went to look for the hairdresser to tell him I didn’t appreciate this new look and if he could please fix it. He kind of agreed but said I should’ve just let them cut my hair the day before when the expensive video team where on set to film the process. All of a sudden nobody was pushing me to cut anything, but said I could just leave it like that. They didn’t need it anymore…. I went a little crazy.

In the end, I had to convince my agency to please let the hairdresser cut the hair in an actual bob, and that I was NOT going to walk around with a bob on my hair and a little piece of hair coming out under it. They didn’t want me to change too much, but let’s be honest, it was already too late for that. Eventually they agreed and I got a not so planned new hairstyle.


We shot three different looks, and the photographer that had wanted to send me home the day before now said: “You have such a perfect symmetrical face, you are absolutely magical”.

The end. 


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